The program develops over 2 years, and is organized as follows:

Scientific specialization (M1 and M2)

Students allocate 50% of their time to developing scientific expertise in any field taught within the school and the partner institutions (chemistry, physics, biology, mathematics, mechanics, optics, etc.)

Entrepreneurial education

M1 (1st year): acquiring the basics

  • Management basics(corporate finance, marketing, strategy): 90h
  • From technology and science to opportunities: 30h
  • Introduction to Design thinking an rapid prototyping: 40h
  • Introduction to technology ventures: 40h
  • Code workshop: 30h
  • Big Data and Machine Learning workshop: 40h
  • Early stage startup internship: 3 to 5 month

M2 (2nd year): Project development and getting ready to be an entrepreneur

  • Learn2launch @ UC Berkeley : immersion in the Silicon Valley startup method and ecosystem: 200h
  • Seedtrack module “Building the foundations of a solid business case” (addressable market, value proposition design, etc.): 30h
  • Personal development, becoming a leader (decision making, leadership, negotiation, early stage management)): 40h
  • Vertical skills (legal, creativity, early-stage management): 90h
  • Strategic thinking for the entrepreneur: 70h
  • Business assignment: “Entrepreneur in Residence”: 30h
  • “Internship: 5 to 7 months, on the startup project or in a Venture Capital firm