Getting exposed to the many different forms that entrepreneurship and innovation are taking around the world is major source of inspiration and a key learning objective in building a strong entrepreneurial cultural background.


The Technology Venture Master’s Program incorporates 2 internship periods, that can be done at incubators, places that partner with Polytechnique:

  • Skydeck : the startup accelerator at UC Berkeley.
  • StartX : a stanford program that hosts about 300 startups.
  • HAX : a hardware accelerator at Shenzen and San Francisco
  • W Hub: a web space for connecting interns, employees to startup in Hong Kong
  • and many more...

International education

Beyond internships, the Technology Venture Master’s Program also offers many opportunities for students to see the world:

  • Learn2launch program @ UC Berkeley (1 quarter) with top institutions around the world (under development).
  • Prestigious guests speakers , from top US Universities, or famous entrepreneurs.