Entrepreneurial creativity meets Scientific expertise.

The Technology Venture Master’s Program partners with the world top Universities and institution to build a world class “state of the art” learning environment. It is built around 4 key ideas:

A 2 years track :

Along the 2 years, the program brings participant with a strong scientific or technology background to an in depth understanding of technology ventures:

  • M1: the 1st year is focused on acquiring the basics and understanding the DNA of an innovation opportunity
  • M2: the 2nd year is devoted to project development skills and methods (NB: it is not mandatory to have a project to apply)

2 pillars: science and entrepreneurship

Each year of the program is divided in 2 parts. Each part represents 50% of the work load:

  • A science track in a field selected by each particpant
  • An entrepreneurial - innovation track

This unique design allows to build innovative learning activities that explore the "grey" zone where science and innovation collide, interact... which is the sweet spot for identifying startup opportunities.

A "T" shaped skill set

Studies have demonstrated that great innovators have a "T" shaped skill set, with a large cultural base, and one area of deep expertise. Therefore, the Technology Venture Master is built on this idea:

  • Developping a large entrepreneurial culture among our students, including acquiring the basics of managerment, entrepreneurship, meeting with many different entrepreneur profile and stories, but also learning the basics of coding, and machine learning.
  • Growing one area of strong scientific and startup expertise

A multi cultural experience.

Inventing new models, exploring new territories is based on the ability to work in a very opened, multicultural environment, combining different skills and IQs in a fruitful (though always painful) creative process. The Technology Venture Master Program tries to apply these principles :

  • Attracting talented profiles with a strong scientific background from top institutions, from around the world.
  • Offering opportunities for traveling to different innovation spots, among partner institutions and places, and discovering different views, approaches, methods on how to handle innovation projects.