Combining top scientific skills, with entrepreneurial talent, the Technology Venture Master’s Program seeks to create the best possible environment for emergent technology startups, boost entrepreneurial motivations among students, prepare students to the specific challenges and uncertainty that go hand in hand with breakthrough innovations.

> Course organization

4 core building principles

Develop a favorable environment for engaging students in creating startups

The Technology Venture Master’s Program leverages a strong multi-media emphasis:

  • Courses, projects science track, etc.
  • Coaches and mentoring program
  • On site resources (fablab, labs)

Design a "world class" and unique program

  • Get inspiration from the best practices from top institution around the "world"
  • Be different and grow a unique perspective on technology ventures
  • A selective and highly multicultural environment

Be part of a worldwide ecosystem

  • Exchange program with UC Berkeley
  • Internship periods in startups around the world
  • Close partnership with HAX (Shenzen), StartX (Stanford), Agoranov (Paris), The Refiners (SF), etc.

Represent an opportunity for growing their entrepreneurial network for every participant

  • Master Class, Meetups, etc.
  • Startup weekend
  • Internship, projects, Mentoring Programs, etc.

Career opportunities

The Technology Venture Master’s Program opens doors to a large number of career path:

  • Creating, launching, or joining a startup
  • Research: the science track is designed in such a way it develop participants a strong enough expertise so they may decide to devote themselves entirely to a research project, after the Master program
  • Venture capital offers many opportunities to remain involved in a different, though still highly stimulating, way in entrepreneurship.
  • Corporate Entrepreneurship:established organizations now more and more recognize the value of having among their team, profiles who have the ability to lead and manage highly disruptive project, outside the core business.