A unique place for scientific research and education

Ecole Polytechnique has a unique position in the French scientific and educational landscape. Since its establishment over 200 years ago, many of its graduates have become famous scientists who have made major contributions to their fields: mathematicians, physicists, chemists.

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The Paris-Saclay campus

Ecole Polytechnique is a member of ParisTech and is located on the Saclay campus along with 21 other institutions, including Paris XI University, HEC, and Ecole Centrale. The campus is a world-class center for science.

Ecole Polytechnique is among the world’s top establishments for scientific research. Master’s students constantly interact with the research teams located on campus. Ecole Polytechnique is home to 22 laboratories, performing research in all of the major scientific fields. In addition, the Technology Venture Master’s Program also has partnerships with INRIA, DIGITEO, the CEA, and other major scientific organizations.

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A close partnership with UC Berkeley

The Technology Venture Master’s Program designed by Ecole Polytechnique, a leading institution in science and engineering, is built on a strong partnership with UC Berkeley.

This takes the form of a full term on UC Berkeley campus that runs during Fall at the beginning of the M2. Students participate to the Learn2Launch program, co-designed by UC Berkeley and Polytechnique, and run by the School of Engineering and the Haas Business School at UC Berkeley.

This unique opportunity allows us to offer Master students the benefits from the positive "cultural shock" of an immersion in the entrepreneurial dynamic in the Silicon Valley, along with the teaching from a world leading institution